Hello World

Have you ever been complaining about something to somebody and then realized oh, this person has endured this problem longer/more severely than I have, my complaints sound kinda jerky now?

I have! And look, I know that someone else having a broken leg doesn’t mean my ankle isn’t sprained, figuratively speaking. Someone else having it worse doesn’t mean my problems aren’t real. However! In some cases I could have some sensitivity and caution about the direction in which I vent about those problems. That’s all!

Felt like there wasn’t much point blogging on the internet if nobody knew about it, so I actually shared this site today! (As in, why not just keep this in a private doc on my computer). So if you saw this on my Instagram story today, hello! Welcome here. I chose the stories thing because I liked the impermanence and very short advertising reach; with my follower count probably about two dozen people will even see that this blog exists, and I expect that less than half of those will actually visit. 

I can satisfy my desire to publicize my thoughts, you see, but in a way that makes sure almost nobody will see it if I say something really dumb.

Yesterday I Saw: part of the first episode of Planet Earth while eating dinner with Cassidy, though I did skip ahead twice when animals were about to eat each other. I don’t think anything gory happens but when that wolf is closing in on that caribou I thought “I don’t know if I can contextualize this properly to a not-quite-2-year-old” and loudly announced that everybody got away fine!

Yesterday I Learned: A little bit about another way of thinking, specifically in asking others to do something for you. This is going to get confusing to explain but I’ll try. If I need a boulder moved, and I have a few boulder-moving people to choose from, I’ll ask one-by-one for the help I need. If someone says yes, they can move that boulder, I stop asking. Apparently? Some people? Ask all of the boulder-movers at once, and then choose from the set of those that can move the boulder. The trouble comes when people like me run into people like that; by being asked to do the thing, I’m assuming that you want me to do the thing if I can, but they’re only gauging possibilities and aren’t committing to the idea of me doing the thing. And I feel very uncertain and left-in-the-lurch about whether or not I’m doing the thing. 

I’m Grateful For: Access to tasty takeout options!

This song is totally made by the tiny little “meow” and later “bark” in the pauses