What’s That

It was Wednesday afternoon and we were about to leave the house for the banquet. Cassidy was headed to my brother’s house, on the next street over. She had her jacket on and was looking out the front window as we gathered a few things. Suddenly she asked “What’s that in the sky?”

‘That’ was this:

The school that’s under construction near our house was on fire. Not a serious one and nobody was hurt, but somewhat alarming nonetheless. I ran outside to take pictures and overheard some teens on the sidewalk singing “schooool’s out! for! ever!” which made me smile.

Evidently, somebody working on the roof set down their torch and forgot about it. Police and firetrucks were there quickly, and as much as we all would have preferred to stay and watch, we did have to leave in order to get to Winnipeg on time.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling to leave your house when a fire is close by, but it was already dwindling as we drove away and was out before we even left Winkler. It was just so out-of-the-ordinary that it felt odd not to see it through to the end.

The banquet went well, in case you were wondering. I’m not a “networker” but I know how to make conversation, and Lori and I were treated to a delicious meal and a unique evening out with people we’ve never met and likely never will again. I’d do it again!

Thing I Saw: Besides the column of smoke? Um…let’s see, the banquet was emcee’d by former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Obby Khan, who was funny but also odd and awkward and not really very smooth at all?? Like me, he seemed to have no internal monologue and yet he was enjoyable. Gave me an idea for a side hustle: I’m going PRO EMCEE BABY

Thing I Learned: We’ve lost our ancestors’ original word for ‘bear’, because they were terrified that saying the name would summon them. It’s in an article about euphemisms!

I’m Grateful For: This might sound very posh, but my massage therapist. Years of bad posture and computer usage were taking their toll on my wrists, but regular visits to her have kept my carpal tunnel symptoms at bay! Plus she’s pleasant to chat with and has a table with a warmer built in.

This gives me such 90s computing nostalgia that I have to just lay down every time I hear it. Well maybe not, but it IS good