Making Lists

So I’m slowly listening to a podcast interview of a couple of Enneagram 9’s, and one of the questions they were asked is what brings them joy. Hearing this, and identifying as a 9 (the Peacemaker) myself, I asked myself the same question. It might or might surprise you to know that I couldn’t answer right away. I decided I want a space where I can think about it and write some things down, rather than go ’round in circles in my head, and what do you know? I have a blog.

So! Things That Bring Nathan Joy, 2019 Edition:

Oh no wait, before I start, you should know that I had to look up the word “joy” to make sure I was doing this right, while being completely aware that this was probably not necessary but I want to make sure I’m following the rules properly


…Google says “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness” for the record.

In no particular order!

  • Singing / playing ukulele in my church worship team.
  • Making people laugh.
  • Successfully baking something.
  • Buying delicious pastries.
  • Playing Rock Band with pals.
  • Having an idea in my art, pursuing it, and along the way making further tweaks that build it into something better than I originally envisioned.
  • When my own comics would make me giggle. (often after the above)
  • Sharing a meal with Cassidy.
  • Singing and/or carrying on a ‘bit’ with Lori.
  • Particularly well-made video games, like the Outer Wilds or lately, Titanfall 2 (when I notice while I’m playing, haha)

Okay that list feels pretty solid. It’s not exhaustive but it’s good. Phew. I seize up when I think about things like that, and I can get into this unproductive headspace where I spiral downwards because “Oh no, I can’t think of anything” -> “I should be able to think of something” -> “What if I’ve never experienced joy” -> “oh no oh no” and so on.

Thing I Saw: A few episodes of Netflix’s Dark, a German show that drew me in by being vaguely similar to Stranger Things but is rather more mature in content and tone. It’s a sci-fi thriller set in a small town with a nuclear power facility looming over it, and some shady things that may or may not be happening within. Also yes, like Stranger there is a missing child and part of the show is set in the 1980s. As a change, though, this show leans more into the ‘everybody is connected and has secrets’ vibe of a small-town mystery, and like I said, it’s a lot less funny. I’m going to keep watching.

Thing I Learned: Following the above — this isn’t exactly new information to me, but recently reinforced; it turns out I’m really fascinated by science fiction involving mysterious government facilities. Especially if they a.)are in proximity to a small town and b.)employ chunky, Cold War-era technology. Side note, a couple of years ago, Lori and I went on a couples retreat to the Wilderness Edge Conference Centre in Pinawa, and I found out that the place is actually the converted dormitories and buildings of a decommissioned nuclear research facility. You can bet my imagination was spinning for a lot of the weekend. (Their dining room)

I’m Grateful For: my life not being joyless.