Happy Little Accidents

Lori’s sister Janet was over for supper yesterday and I told them about my plan to leave Facebook for the reasons I’d outlined in the blog post. “Are you still going to use Instagram? They’re owned by Facebook,” said Janet, and I was instantly sad, because I’ve come to really like Instagram. 

So when I deactivated my Facebook account today (:D) it wasn’t for high-minded political reasons. It was just because Facebook makes me unhappy. And that’s the comment I left in the form when they asked. Look, I’m still working through a lot of this stuff.

A lot of folks talk about self-care these days, myself included, and maybe you’re stuck for ideas or want to try something new but don’t know what. I copy-pasted a few different lists from different sites into a big Google spreadsheet, then had it randomly pick one each time you load the sheet. Please enjoy! These lists are unedited and I can’t speak to the quality of every idea, but it’s something.

Oh yes, I changed the header image yesterday, and it isn’t actually meant to be upside-down but I actually like it that way the more I see it. So it’s staying. This picture is from a beach just outside Tofino, BC. We got some extraordinary pics from that sunset.

Thing I Saw Yesterday: A tiny little mountain of snow on our yard, I presume made by Cassidy and Lori, that I somehow hadn’t noticed before. Just a little mark of their presence. Made me smile.

Thing I Learned Yesterday: Putting the duvet back in the duvet cover yourself isn’t actually that bad and I have no idea why it’s so confusing and irritating when Lori and I try to do it together.

I’m Grateful For: Ease of access to good music!