Stay Seated

A co-worker of mine has an above-average-loudness voice, and then gets louder when they become animated or are telling a good story on the phone, which they do with regularity. I do have headphones but they’re open-backed so I can hear the comings / goings of the office (and not miss the phone) but it can be really hard, like now, to start a thought when I’m trying not to listen to what’s going on nearby.

(That’s right, I write these at work! I’d say I’m sticking it to the man, but I’m management, so)

Occasionally these conversations that I’m trying not to hear can veer into territory that actively frustrates me. That is, they cover topics that seem wildly inappropriate for a work setting (but what do I know? I’m updating my blog on company time, I just realized) OR the co-worker goes on about contentious topics that I find I’m on the other side of. It’s upsetting because I otherwise have a lot of respect for this person, so hearing them go on about an issue that I’m completely the opposite of is hard. It makes me want to go over and insert myself into the conversation just to say how wrong they are. But that’s rude, and anyway I’m trying not to overhear. Also I’m generally certain that butting in to say “WELL ACTUALLY YOU’RE WRONG” is not how you win people to your way of thinking on a controversial subject. 

I recognize that it’s also not healthy to sit in my office and just seethe and get all caught up in the frustration I’m experiencing, so I’ve got to learn to just face it, say “yes that is frustrating” and then let it go so I can move on with my day too. 

Did I mention I’m a work in progress? Only every post so far? Well it’s still true.

Thing I Saw Yesterday: The gorgeous and detailed rooftop gardens of Golem City in the game “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. My new graphics card is working well, and this game is full of cyberpunk imagery that is very much my jam

Thing I Learned Yesterday: Cassidy’s cousins and her Auntie Janet have been working since August, in secret, to teach her to say “I want a brother!” She did this for me the first time yesterday, to everyone’s great delight and amusement. I was genuinely surprised and I laughed a lot.

I’m Grateful For: An inclusive and loving extended family, who welcome not just me but my cantankerous toddler.

By the way these songs at the end of my posts aren’t meant to be thematically appropriate, they’re just whatever I’m listening to or thinking about.