Comic Idea: Cassidy is sick, and starts to make pre-barf noises while I’m carrying her, but there’s nothing handy to contain the barf. So the reader sees from my perspective where everything is covered with mathematics and trajectory plottings while I try to decide on the Least Bad surface to barf on.

Yes, our darling daughter has been dropping voms for a few days been pretty lethargic a lot of the time as a result. She’s burned through a lot of episodes of her favourite shows. I sympathize because, over the weekend, I had (probably) the same bug — nasty stomach thing where you get to decide in a panicked moment which end should aim at the toilet bowl first. (Reader, I always chose correctly, but it was touch-and-go at times)

She’s been slowly perking up but is still suffering its effects and so Lori and her are making a quick trip to the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully good outcomes there.

Currently it’s -32 Celcius (that’s -25.6 F donchano) and very windy, so it feels Extremely Cold. It’s not really fun to even think about being outside, but I think it is the perfect day to repost the graphic novel I wrote as a child, “IT WAS SO COLD THAT…” which I originally rediscovered and redrew for my site’s ninth birthday. Please enjoy!

Thing I Saw: This, lots of times:


Thing I Learned: Um so there are at least two songs on the new Backstreet Boys album that I, myself, unironically enjoy? And now I have it saved on my Spotify to eventually listen to the whole thing?? So I guess I’m learning about myself and my musical tastes in the year 2019???

I’m Grateful For: A well-insulated home and workplace!

Oh no and now I’m sharing this with other people, who am I and what is happening