Better in Concept

After getting it as part of a bundle and letting it languish in my gaming backlog for a long time, I’ve finally gotten around to playing Human Resource Machine. This game asks you to to do a series of mathy tasks by giving instructions to a lil’ office worker. The instructions and ordering are similar to the way you would program a simple computer, and so I’m solving these puzzles and thinking “This is pretty fun! Programming is just a bunch of logic puzzles, and I like those, so…maybe I really would like programming??”

To that end I’d actually started poking around online courses or languages to try while I’m between books to illustrate. But over the weekend I was discussing this urge with my brother and realized — I have no projects in mind whatsoever. No goal or real-world problem to work on. So…maybe for now I can just stick with solving fun puzzles. I think I still like the idea of programming computers more than actually doing it.

And once I’ve finished HRM I can always go back to TIS-100.

Thing I Saw: My daughter has recently gotten into “ballet” dancing (thanks in large part to Emma Wiggle), which mainly involves standing on the spot, turning around, and sort of waving your hands in the air. It is amazing.

Thing I Learned: According to this highly scientific quiz, my spiritual gifts are, in order: Giving, Mercy, Exhortation, Hospitality and Helps (which is basically supporting ministries / working as a team).

I’m Grateful For: A reasonably healthy body!

No particular reason, just heard something that reminded me of this