A Revelation

I fixed the header image. It’s now the right way up and no longer an incredibly large filesize because watching it slowly load in was making me sad.

Something that comes up every so often between Lori and me is our definition of the word “excited”. She’ll ask me if I’m excited about something coming up and I say, well, no, but I am looking forward to it. And it turns out that’s really what she means by excited, just sort of, “looking forward with positive feelings”. To me excited is like…fired up! You think about the thing and you can’t wait and get all energized!

So the other day she asked me what I get excited about, by my definition. More than just “generally positive feelings about” and into “genuinely fired up”. I had to stop and think about it, because at first glance my answer is Not Much. Which made me a little uncomfortable. But then it came to me, and after some stumbling and sheepish grinning I admitted…pastries. (and baked sweets.)

I’m not kidding. I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but gosh, I love ’em. I like to look at them in the store, I get a thrill when I pick them out and buy them, and then of course I enjoy eating them later on, usually after waiting a little longer than I want to, just to build up the moment. In response, Lori brought some filled strudel things home yesterday and my response was literally

I’m not entirely sure why this is, and noticing the tendency has been a bit of a surprise even to me. I’m going to unpack it one day.

Thing I Saw: Last week a man parked his truck on the road near our office, and walked around a snowy field across the road in lazy figure eights. He was carrying a shovel in one hand, and a chainsaw in the other. Lloyd and I watched him do this while we waited for our coffee to brew. Eventually he stashed his tools in the back of his truck and slowly drove away. We have no idea why.

Thing I Learned: I use a CPAP machine which needs distilled water, with 4L jugs ranging from around $2-3 around town. But! It turns out a local grocery store has refillable jugs and the refills are just 50 cents! Hooray!

I’m Grateful For: Delicious pastries!

This came up on Spotify this morning and I realized I wanted to share it. So chill.