Read the news last week that hundreds of immigrant parents have been deported from the United States without their children. The policy of separating families at the border has always seemed cruel and unnecessary to me, and is part of the reason I’m avoiding travel to America entirely. And sure, Homeland Security claims that parents are always given the option of returning with or without their children, but how many were coerced? How many understood the options as given? In any case, reading this has at times given me valuable perspective as I parent; even when Cassidy is cranky, frustrating, or just crying and whining I think there are probably parents out there that miss even these moments. Parents that would gladly take a crying or maddening child if it meant spending a little more time with them. Breaks my heart.

So let’s shift to a more positive note. Yesterday I realized that I think I’d really enjoy a career in broadcasting. Radio or television’s fine. I like talking into microphones and I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts and film things I’ve done. I can also get pretty absorbed by the production side of things as I make my videos. I love music and sharing what I know. And so I was listening to a host on the local radio station and suddenly thought I would enjoy that! and then went on a Googling Rabbit-hole.

If I were to go back to school for this idea, I think I’d even like the coursework.

All of this significant because when there have been times that I’ve been dissatisfied with my career at Jelcan, and I’ve looked elsewhere, very little has really spoken to me as something I’d actually like to do. There are plenty of jobs I could do, and at least one other career that interested me (librarian, which I actually investigated early last year) but this is the first one I’ve come up with on my own. It was exciting to think about! Lori noticed my excitement as I told her about it and pointed out the significance of having an idea that actually seemed to bring me happiness, even if just to think about it.

Nothing is definite, no directions are being taken. I put feelers out to a friend of mine at the radio station just to see what kind of path people typically take to get there, but there’s no serious thought or discussion beyond that. However, I do see the significance of just having an idea that makes me happy like that, and if nothing else I want to keep it around just to inspire projects that I can do here and now while I continue to work at Jelcan.

Thing I Saw: After getting very frustrated at a puzzle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider last night I took to YouTube to find the solution. In what may be a first for me, actually seeing the solution upset me so much that I threw up my hands and turned off the console entirely. I’m sure I won’t stay away.

Thing I Learned: According to How To Invent Everything, London’s upgraded sewer system, constructed more than a hundred years ago and still in use today, was created on the wrongheaded principle that Bad Air (miasma) causes disease and death. Kind of amazing that something so useful could be built on entirely the wrong idea.

I’m Grateful For: A country that generally welcomes immigrants.

I’m already losing track of songs I’ve shared so I apologize for repeats