Doin’ Things

There! My updated bucket list is officially complete. Each year around my birthday I review my list and cross off items I’ve accomplished in the past year. I also modify goals that need clarifying or remove ones that are no longer priorities. The list is a hundred items long so there’s usually a good amount to go over and think about. I picked a hundred because

  • There’s lots of room for both big and little goals
  • Little goals are important because they’re easier to cross off and feel like you did something in the last year
  • You’ll run out of easy ideas at some point and have to start reaching or putting weird/fun/unusual things down as they come to mind, which adds some spice and variety to the list
  • I’ll always have a backlog of goals, which is good because I’m afraid that if I ever totally finished my list I would die immediately

No I am not sharing the list. Get your own.

Yesterday evening I was with Cassidy on my own as Lori worked, and it was the kind of evening where I had a terrible time doing right by her. Lots of whining, lots of “No!”, don’t-pick-me-up-but-don’t-put-me-down kinda stuff. She yelled at me until I took her downstairs to play (I was trying to clean up supper) and then immediately turned around and wanted to go back upstairs, after all that.

And you know what? It was fine. Some days I have a greatly diminished capacity to deal, and I have to be very careful to breathe properly, watch my thoughts and control my temper. But yesterday? I just laughed. Maybe that sounds cruel. What I mean is that I had the energy to be gentle and patient with her, and not take any of her frustration personally. I thank God for those days, and for His help. She still seems to surprise us every single day with something new that she knows, or can do and I’m grateful for her.

Thing I Saw Yesterday: Shaggy lil’ outdoor cats and kittens, covered in a dusting of snow, at Cassidy’s daycare place. So cute!

Thing I Learned Yesterday: I read a list of things pertaining to the first season of “The Good Place” and now I want to go back and watch it again.

I’m Grateful For: I already said this, but, my daughter! 

I’m listening to the rest of this album now and it’s just as lovely and calming