All Over The Road

Lori had leftover pumpkin stuff in a can, so she made pumpkin oatmeal for us for breakfast and neither of us really liked it very much. So my breakfast was pretty light and I had to run to get to work, but when I arrived, a coworker’s wife had dropped off a big thing of Tim Hortons coffee, donuts, and muffins!

A Christmas Miracle! 

This Christmas season I discovered a men’s choir from Vancouver called Chor Leoni, and they made a Christmas album (“Star of Wonder”) that is so good. It is beautiful and warm and full of the “hopes and fears of all the years”. If you have Spotify you can use this embedded thing, and if you don’t, please find a way to hear it. 

In other news I am using our superfast work internet connection to download all my archived games from before finding a way to close or deactivate my account. I loved their service in the beginning but a recent series of troubling social media posts have soured me on them quite a bit. Their social media person was fired, but the vibe I get from the company is that they aren’t committing to being better, just hoping it’ll blow over. 

Thing I Saw Yesterday: New episodes of Counterpart are appearing on Crave! This was one of my favourite discoveries last year, a mature sci-fi spy thriller set in Berlin and starring a (quite fantastic) J.K. Simmons. 

Thing I Learned Yesterday: Like three different people voice Dorothy the Dinosaur in the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas! special on Netflix. No wonder she always seems to sound slightly different. Also there is a Wigglepedia because of course there is

I’m Grateful For: New musical discoveries to broaden my horizons!