A thing about me is that I am very much a person who tries to bottle up emotion and not ‘burden’ other people with my problems. But another thing about me is that I wear my emotional state incredibly obviously, through facial expressions, tone, and body language. So, while my first impulse is to keep my issues deep inside so nobody will notice or ask me about them, people can immediately see that something is wrong and ask anyway.

I’m not saying any of the above is healthy, it’s just an observation.

I have officially crossed the last thing off of my Christmas shopping list today, a gift for my Dad that my brothers will chip in for. Hopefully, because we are all terrible at actually squaring up debts and expenses. At least we’ll say it’s from all of us. Getting everybody to agree to something isn’t easy, and for some reason I decided to take the lead this year? Probably not something I’ll try again for a while.

This entry needs something positive. Let’s see. Here, this is a thing I saw today and loved:

Thing I Saw Yesterday: A new snow person by my family. Warmer temperatures wiped out the old one (also it was v.small) and this one’s a little bigger. Hopefully it will last.

Thing I Learned Yesterday: Neither Lori or myself want to go to a certain thing that we’re going to, but we’re committed because we both thought the other person wanted to go. Communication! Not just for modems! 

I’m Grateful For: Normal times with friends during a challenging Christmas season.