Chasing Miracles

Heading to session three of counselling this afternoon. I really like my counsellor, as I discovered last session that he strongly dislikes Donald Trump and enjoys “The Good Place”. The homework from last time was 1.)pick one of my “miracles” and make a SMART goal around it, and 2.)draw Marvin, the Low Self-Esteem creature.

The miracle I picked was that I want to have another creative project going. I miss aspects of making my comics, and as a creative person I like the idea of having something on the go. I was also making those “Nathan Plays” gameplay videos but I’m not feeling those at the moment either. So I want something new. But I realized: I’m not really prioritizing “creative time” at all these days. If I have a spare moment I often plop down on the couch to play a game. How am I supposed to get a project going if I’m not taking time to try anything, or just let my mind wander?

So in brief, the goal is to spend an hour a week either doing something creative or just taking time to doodle and let my mind wander. That’s less than 10 minutes a day. Of course if something is going well I can stay with it for longer than 10 minutes, that’s kind of the point too. I’m doing this throughout 2019 and we’ll see if anything exciting comes out as a result. If nothing else, I’ll know I at least gave myself time to create.

I drew Marvin in a new notebook (because I like buying new notebooks) as part of my ‘creative time’ last week. Maybe I’ll post the picture sometime.

Thing I Saw Recently: Lots of speedruns as part of AGDQ 2019, which at this writing are still being uploaded to their Youtube channel. Inspiring, entertaining, sometimes even heartwarming??

Thing I Learned Recently: I don’t want to do it all the time because it’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy making replacement videos when I can’t be at Sunday School to read the story for the kiddos.

I’m Grateful For: The space in my life to make something that’s mine.

Love the retrogame feel of this song.