Comic idea: I see a row of tents lined up to the building being constructed near my house. I head over and ask if they’re waiting for a new Apple store or something. They say no, it’s a new daycare. You gotta get in early. Maybe somebody in the line is single, I dunno.

This week my creative times have been put to use taking pictures and writing on my new tumblr, which is dedicated to cataloging the bizarre games of a small arcade machine that a friend gave me. At first I hunted high and low for a small, affordable tripod solution so that I could record the screen directly from my phone. I didn’t want to buy something expensive because I didn’t know how long I would actually stick with the project. My solution came from raiding a “Stikbot” set (stop-motion animation toys for kids) that was on clearance for $7, which included an extremely basic but functional tripod.

I filmed my first game and immediately realized I had no interest in editing said footage, so, still photos it shall be! Glad I didn’t spend more money 🙂

Anyway, I may not work on it every day, but the amount of time that making a post takes has so far fit nicely with my weekly SMART goal discussed previously.

Thing I Saw: My daughter, who is big on climbing things lately, sitting atop her little art table and yelling “HELP” at passers-by because she thinks she’s stuck now. We ignore her for a little while because we’ve specifically asked her not to climb on tables, and we feel it’s useful for her to reflect on how this situation came to be. On the other hand, she’s 2, so probably not doing a lot of reflection.

Thing I Learned: I’m on a second (or fourth maybe?) major playthrough of Skyrim, and until this character I’ve never done the Aetherforge quest chain. In it, you discover that the famous author of books on a specialized dwarven forging technique (lost to time) is actually a fraud who murdered his research partner to take their findings for himself. After adventuring about with the ghost of his partner, you find the forge yourself and make a nice piece of equipment with it. But! Well after this quest is over you can randomly run into the author and his guards, who recognizes the Aetherforged gear, flips out, and tries to kill you. And in my case was successful because of powerful magics. So I ran away :3

I’m Grateful For: Family in my life.

Mom passed two years ago today, and this was a favourite of hers.