Way Up

What I’ve been finding lately is that I don’t look up very much. Inside, outside, wherever. As soon as I’m waiting for something or lost in thought I tend to hunch over and look down, but there are interesting things above you that are worth looking at, if only to see something new about your environment and help re-ground yourself in the moment you’re in. Rather than, say, arguing with people in your head while staring at the floor tiles 🙂

I have started and restarted this thought several times but I am grateful for the capacity to listen, and learn, and grow, and change because for a while there I was totally convinced I was going to be another Bigoted Grandpa someday. I thought that there were experiences of living on this planet that were just So Different from my own narrow frame of reference that I would be unable to properly empathize and would just have to throw up my hands in ignorance. And yeah, even with the Power of Learning I am not going to say and do the right thing all the time, which is why it’s so important to keep trying and to listen when people from those other frames of reference challenge me.

Thing I Saw: The Fellowship of the Ring, non-extended cut, for the first time in years. It really holds up, and I can’t say I hugely missed the extended scenes either. Can’t really remember what most of them were, tbh

Thing I Learned: “Madeleines” are little sponge-cake treats that go great with a cup of coffee. I know this because I took a gamble and bought a big thing of them at Costco.

I’m Grateful For: See above!