Hey You!

I was recently listening to the Whatevertown podcast and the topic for discussion was what you would say if you had five minutes to speak to your grade-9-era self. So in my case that’s about 1996, aged 14. And I thought, “Hey, I’ve just downed this cup of coffee, that would be a good thing to write a few bullet points about on my blog” so here we go:

  • Start taking care of your teeth! Please! Do anything!
  • It’s okay to put a little effort into your studies. I know you got used to coasting on no effort, but that was starting to fail you in junior high, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was. Listen, it’s not going to get better, and it’ll take a long time to unlearn those habits, so why not start now?
  • Grownups are right when they say that high school is a relatively small portion of your life, and whatever happens now is going to fade pretty quickly once you’re on the other side of it.
  • It is okay to ask those questions about Christianity that you’re harboring. Or to express doubt. But again, do something.
  • Okay it looks like kind of all of my advice is to just to put effort into bettering yourself and expressing yourself, rather than just bottling everything and self-medicating with video games and movies. Maybe I should have lead with that.
  • Sloan and Super Metroid are still awesome.
  • You know it’s probably best that you forget we ever spoke. You’ve got to do what you do, and make the choices you make, so that I can be where I am now, and yeah there are a lot of things that we could have handled better but we’re in a good place in 2019 and I don’t want to change that. Even the heartaches.
  • It’s going to be okay
  • bye
  • okay but p.s. really do get some kind of dental care going, you will have to get a lot of work done to ‘catch up’ and your first dentist will not be very good at her job

Thing I Saw: Snow’s mostly gone!!!!

Thing I Learned: My brother just informed me that Swiss Army Glasses are real (although only in limited quantities! get yours today!) I don’t like them.

I’m Grateful For: being able to live long enough to have perspective and gosh, maybe even insight

Hey 14-year-old me, in two years this album will come out and become one of your favourites of all time, heads up