A Good Dog

I’m not usually one to share my dreams, but I had one last night that’s stuck with me throughout the day and I want to talk about it here.

I was at a university and waiting to speak to a certain professor. This professor was teaching a class, so I went to wait near his office to meet him on the way back afterward. There was a lounge area nearby with dark wood paneling and some armchairs, so I sank into one to wait. There weren’t many other people around.

A dog came sauntering around the corner. It had orange fur and was about the size of a border collie. This picture is reasonably close:

Image result for orange border collie

The dog walks up and stops directly in front of me. Of course I begin talking to it, and it approaches so I can give skritchies. This goes so well that in a smooth motion it climbs into the chair with me, settling easily in my lap. Like a cozy blanket, the feeling is wonderfully warm and calming. The dog does my favourite thing that dogs do, which is to sniff my ears, and I’m giggling crazily and continuing to skritch, and then we both calm down and sink a little more into the chair.

I’m warm and peaceful now, completely present in that moment, and it feels so nice that I begin to fall asleep in the chair. The professor I’m waiting for returns from class with his colleagues, and I barely care as I begin to doze off. As my eyes close I notice that he’s motioned for one colleague to take a picture, and they do.

I don’t remember where it went from there, but at moments throughout the day I’ve been thinking about that dog and the sense of complete peace and warmth. I almost started to choke up telling Lori about it in the morning. And in a somewhat stressful and lengthy day, as this turned out to be, returning to the memory of it has been pleasant. I’ve no idea what it means, but maybe all it was supposed to do was contribute a little more peace to my heart on a Tuesday.

That’s a pretty good outcome for a dream.

Thing I Saw: An episode of Homecoming, a pretty fantastic thriller on Amazon Prime Video starring Julia Roberts and directed by Sam Esmail, of Mr. Robot fame. Apparently it was adapted from a fictional podcast and I keep thinking, like, if I were the people that made that podcast? I would be pretty excited about the thunder being brought on the TV version.

Thing I Learned: I thought I didn’t have a “business casual” outfit for a banquet I’m attending tomorrow, because I don’t really know what “business casual” even is?? But it turns out Pinterest is a really great place to get ideas. I thought I would have to buy something but I found out that I already have the things I need. The power was within my closet…all along!!

I’m Grateful For: This blog, actually! An outlet for my thoughts from time to time.

Time for sleepy time for me too